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This is our preferred choice when placing special orders. Email the product link or screenshot of image so we can send you a quotation.


Email the product link or screenshot of image so we can send you a quotation.

Terms and conditions for Special Orders

Ordering Procedure 

Email us a link to the item(s) you are interested in purchasing (preferable from Amazon - Prime or Ebay) and we will respond with a quote and an estimated delivery date. Our email address:

Order Confirmation

To confirm your order(s) we require a hundred percent (100%) downpayment to place the order.  Email or Whatsapp us the receipt immediately after making a payment so that we can confirm and place your order(s). Click here for our payment options.


We offer delivery to our delivery zones. Delivery would normally take seven (7) working days providing that there are no shipping delays from our freight forwarder or the website selected. Furthermore, order(s) may take longer during peak seasons e.g. Christmas. In these instances, we would not be unable to provide a specific time for the delivery of your order. Estimated delivery dates/times are given in good faith but all are subject to Acts of God and delays by suppliers or their courier service.


Please note that we offer NO local warranty on Special Ordered items from FOREIGN VENDORS. As such, you would be purchasing at your own risk.  If you need to return a defective item to the foreign merchant then all re-shipping fees are to be paid upfront to us in order to facilitate.  This would be your responsibility, however, we would monitor the shipment on your behalf.  Click here for more information on warranty and returns of special orders. 

This is an ordering service we offer to persons who do not have a credit card or do not wish to use their own to purchase item(s) online from foreign vendors on Amazon or Ebay. We are not liable for any damages to item(s) while on route nor are we liable if item is received defective, not as advertised, poor in quality or condition. 


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