Frequently Asked Questions


What is the deadline for bookings?

To make a booking to secure the rental of equipment for the date(s) requested, we require a sixty percent (60%) confirmation down-payment at least one (1) month before the date of event. The balance must be paid on the day of the event

How can I make a downpayment to confirm booking?

  • All cheques must be made payable to: Gill Tech Services Limited.
  • Bank deposits can be made to our Scotia small business  account: #1205949, Company Name: Gill Tech Services Limited.
  • After bank deposit is made please send us a picture of the receipt via email or whatsapp (868.732.9343) 
  • Paywise payment at any NLCB VIA Agent (lotto booth). Inform the agent that you are making a paywise payment, then give them our account #100-565-783-000 and the amount we would have quoted you. Collect receipt and whatsapp or email us a picture.
  • We have a thirty (30%) non-refundable fee for cancellation or postponement of rental after payment is made. 

Is there a charge for site visits?

We offer free site visits for rental event locations within Port of Spain and immediate environs. For areas outside of this, you can email or whatsapp us pictures or videos of the location to avoid site visit fee.

For CCTV camera and Led light installations a special fee of TT$150 would be charged for site visits (up to specific locations). However, fifty percent (50%) of this cost will be deducted from your final purchase.  


What is the difference between the dry ice and liquid fog machine?

The dry ice machine is used for the "dancing on the clouds," effect and stays low while the liquid fog machine fills the room (like in a club). The low lying fog machine is only offered with our lighting packages (not rented separately). The liquid fog machines can be used where there is no risk of a smoke alarm tripping off.

We offer the dancing on the clouds effect is from Mondays to Saturdays but not on Sundays or two consecutive public holidays.